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Welcome to a new year of Historical Trips to tempt and tantalise. As the British ‘summer’ finally makes an appearance — although for how long, who can say? — it might seem odd to begin daydreaming about where else we might be jetting off to in the months to come. But when you take a look at our selection of tours for 2018, it suddenly doesn’t seem quite so odd...

Take, for instance, our brand new tour charting the rapid rise and catastrophic fall of Italian Fascism (p.16 of our 2018 brochure), on which we invite you to explore both the dark deeds of this country’s senior figures during World War II, and the breathtakingly picturesque scenery which belies them. Or Churchill & Champagne, which takes us in the formidable footsteps of the former Prime Minister, charting a course from the Garden of England to the City of Lights.

Then there are the newcomers which make the most of the fascinating history of these British Isles. Gloriana (p.12), following the progress routes of Queen Elizabeth I; our joint tour with our good friends Brightwater Holidays, exploring the Historic Houses and Gardens of the North of England (p.13); and Ireland 1916–1998 (p.11), tracing the tales of a century of strife across the Irish Sea. But perhaps the best news of all is our guarantee, new for 2018, that each and every tour will depart — whatever travel dreams these pages inspire, you can rest assured they’ll become a reality. No matter what you’re looking for in a Historical Trip, we hope that you’ll find it here..

We’re looking forward to seeing you on tour!

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