Private Groups and Bespoke Travel

Whether you're part of a historical society, veterans' association, alumni association, or even just a group of friends with a passion for history, we can help you create your perfect tour. From the fully bespoke to the carefully tailored, the long weekends to the long-haul odyssies, there are all manner of ways to make your Historical Trip. See below for some examples of past private tours, flick through our brochure or website for inspiration, and get in touch to get started — simply give our Customer Care team a call on 01722 713820 or email your enquiry to

Brooks’ London Club - Berlin
Harrow Old Boys - Western Front & Waterloo
The Telegraph – The Fatal Courtship

Accrington Pals - Western Front
Oxford University Alumni - War Poets
Cambridge University Alumni - War Poets
Penn State University Alumni - Western Front

Private Group - Umbria with Dr Sophie Ambler
The Telegraph - Battlefields of the Great War
The Telegraph - The Battle of Arras