Frequently Asked Questions


Where did the idea for Historical Trips come from?

Like a lot of great business ideas, it started in the pub. Historical Trips Director Michael Ivey and historian Nigel Jones thought it would be a great opportunity to combine their love of both history and travel.

What level of knowledge will I need? Does it matter if I’m not an expert?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur historian, well on your way to your PhD, or just a little bit curious: there’s a place for everyone on a Historical Trips tour.

Do you welcome single travellers?

Of course! There’s usually an even mix of single travellers and couples on our tours. Historical Trips are convivial experiences, so you don’t have to be alone (unless you want to be).


What’s included in the price of the trip?

Most meals, drinks (including wine with dinner), 4* hotel stays (and the very occasional 3* and 5* hotel, see individual tour pages), entry fees, or tips. Depending on the trip you choose, the flights can be included too.

Can I make my own way to our destination?

All of our tours also have ‘without flights’ prices, so you can make your way to us however you wish. Just let us know well in advance if you’re electing to do so.


Do I have to do everything listed in the tour’s itinerary?

Not unless you want to. Nothing is compulsory, and if you would rather spend a day relaxing, that’s fine with us.


Are any cultural elements included in your tours?

Yes! We think the right cultural elements can turn great tours into amazing ones. Our 2019 tours include visits to castles, bunkers, and vineyards.


What sort of hotels will we be staying in?

We mostly stay in 4* hotels, with some superb 3* or 5* hotels mixed in too. If possible, we also spend the night in historic sites. How does an evening in the luxurious Hever Castle, Anne Boleyn’s childhood home sound?


Can visits to places of personal significance be included in your tours?

As our groups are small, sometimes we can create the time to do this. All we ask is that you let us know in advance if there’s somewhere you’d like included.


Are meals included in the tour price?

Most meals included, and always with wine at dinner (with exceptions depending on destination). Whenever we can, we also arrange special dinners or stop for drinks in sites connected to our tour.


Can I design my own tour?

Yes! We’ve provided bespoke tours for private groups and societies — including a commemorative tour for the Accrington Pals — in the past, and we’d be happy to do so for you. Get in touch for details.