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12 Apr 2016
Neil Faulkner — Lawrence of Arabia's War

Neil Faulkner — Lawrence of Arabia's War

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It may surprise you to know that Lawrence of Arabia's War is not a book about Lawrence of Arabia. Rather, acknowledging Lawrence's position as “an especially intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive participant", author Dr Neil Faulkner uses the legendary soldier as "a unique lens through which to observe and interpret the conflict". The conflict in question? The struggle between German-backed Ottoman forces and local bedouin in the First World War.

Now, 100 years after T.E. Lawrence's first deployment to modern-day Saudi Arabia, Dr Faulkner's impressive volume sheds light on an often misunderstood part of the world, and the equally misunderstood figure at the heart of some of its most trying times in the 20th century.

A man of many titles—diplomat, strategist, soldier, author—Lawrence has also been awarded some less favourable monikers. At best, his detractors see him as a harmless exaggerator; at worst, a charlatan. But as Dr Faulkner's research shows, it turns out that even the tallest of Lawrence's tales might not have been fictional after all...


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