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21 Jul 2015
New brochure out now!

New brochure out now!

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It's here! our 2016 tour programme of tours - examining a broad span of history across the continents and the centuries. Travel with us through four periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern and 20th Century history.

Travelling the world, with thirty expert-led tours we delve into every aspect of human history. Alongside a number of our old favourites, you will find nineteen new tours. From religious orders in Medieval Italy, to Sugar Barons in the Carribean, we even have an alternate history tour examing the Nazi invasion that never was.

There are a number of cultural elements we think might entice you on tour too... Venture across South Africa’s wide-open savannah and enjoy game drives in the stunning iThala National Park; or stop for a drink at the Floridita, Ernest Hemingway’s favourite bar in Havana.

This year’s roster of Expert Guide Lecturers includes some of Britain’s most renowned historians... including a familiar face. Paddy Ashdown will join our Secret War - French Resistance in the South tour. Paddy is one of the country’s most admired political figures and will join our tour in Vercors, to share his extensive knowledge of the harrowing resistance campaign of 1944.

Click here to read it now! We hope you enjoy our new brochure and look forward to welcoming you on tour in 2016.