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24 Aug 2017
Ireland: A Century of Troubles

Ireland: A Century of Troubles

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Those of you who've had a copy of our 2018 brochure to pore over at home will no doubt have seen it already, but for those of you who haven't — you can request your copy here — we're delighted to introduce our inaugural Ireland tour, A Century of Troubles. Even better, we can do so with the help of Guide Lecturer Dr Neil Faulkner, who has this to say...

"Ireland was Britain's first overseas colony. Almost a millennium after Norman lords first invaded the island, the struggle for Irish independence reached its climax in the early 20th century. The Easter Rising of 1916 may have been isolated and defeated, but it lit a fuse, and in 1919 Ireland exploded in a nationalist guerrilla insurgency that, in just two years, broke the will of the world's most powerful empire. But a compromise peace based on partition left a Catholic-Nationalist minority under Protestant-Loyalist rule in the North. And here was another time-bomb - though it was almost half a century before it went off, in that year of revolution, 1968. This time, the conflict raged for three decades.

I have always been fascinated by Britain's 'Irish Question'. And as both archaeologist and historian, I am acutely aware that landscape shapes events - that to understand the Easter fighting in Dublin, the Kilmichael ambush in West Cork, the Collins assassination in 1922, the Battle of the Bogside in 1969, or Bloody Sunday in 1972, you have to walk the ground where history was made. That is the idea behind this tour. Visiting Dublin, Cork, Derry, and Belfast, we will visit the museums, prisons, streets, and battlefields that tell the story of Ireland's 20th century 'Troubles'."

You can travel with Dr Faulkner, and join him in examining the 'Irish Question', on our September 2018 tour, Ireland: A Century of Troubles, 1916–1998.