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25 Oct 2017
What to Expect from a History Holiday

What to Expect from a History Holiday

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Forget your old school excursions, or dry lectures in dusty museums: a well-planned history holiday is an engaging encounter through time. Many of our travelers are already frequent history holidaymakers – but for those of you who haven’t been on a history trip before, here’s a taster of what to expect:

  • Unique insight from the experts – Get the right guide, and it’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the action of a box office hit, not the first day of your holiday. Our expert guides are some of the best in the field: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and utterly compelling. The stories they share, en route and onsite, will help build an extraordinary picture of the past. Better yet, unlike a movie, you can ask them anything you want!
  • A dynamic approach to history – The days of being lectured at in a windowless room are thankfully long gone. A great history holiday will be interesting, exciting, and full of memorable moments. In our own tours next year, we sample Champagne on the trail of Winston Churchill, ride camels as we learn about T.E. Lawrence’s Jordan, and seek out the controversial souvenirs of Mussolini in Italy. And that’s just a tiny snapshot of what’s to come.
  • Likeminded company – Our groups are small and packed with interesting people, all keen to do more on holiday. Many wonderful friendships have been forged on our tours – over meals, out on walks, and in happy conversations that continue long into the night. This friendly atmosphere makes our history holidays perfect for solo travelers, as well as couples and groups.
  • Plenty of time for fine food and wine – It may be a love of history that unites us, but a delicious serving of food and drink makes our discoveries taste all the sweeter. Whether you fancy tucking into a Moorish meal overlooking the Sierra Nevada, or dinner and drinks in Munich’s largest beer hall, your taste buds and brain cells should always finish the holiday feeling equally well-fed and satisfied.

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