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05 Dec 2017
The Best Battlefield Tours

The Best Battlefield Tours

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When done right, a battlefield tour can be an incredibly immersive and arresting experience. With an engaging guide to lead your way, the landscape before you will transform into one of history’s most compelling stages.

Below are the battlefield tours we recommend for an unmissable World War One history holiday.

  • Amiens – Locus of the opening phase of the Hundred Days Offensive, this is where the Great War began its final trajectory towards Armistice Day. Here one can visit the Australian National Memorial, which marks the names of almost 11,000 grave-less Australian soldiers, and see where Allied forces made one of their biggest advances: an incredible seven miles in just one day
  • Arras – There were two Battles of Arras during the First World War. The British-led battle, in 1917, saw the greatest gains in Allied trench warfare since the war began, though at an enormous human cost. Tour Vimy Ridge, a scene of bitter fighting, before moving on to the Wellington Quarry Underground Tunnel Museum, which explores the heroic contribution of the New Zealand miners who created tunnels under German lines
  • Ors – On 4 November 1918, the Great War’s last battle was fought at Ors. Poet, Wilfred Owen, was one of those killed in the conflict, which saw British forces bridge the Sambre-Oise Canal to attack the enemy on the opposite bank. Ors features prominently on the last day of our own Great War tour, as we visit local sites associated with Wilfred Owen’s life
  • Somme – You will want at least a day to tour the front-line trenches, memorials and museums situated around the Somme, where one of history’s bloodiest battles took place. You won’t want to miss Sir Edwin Lutyens’ monumental Memorial Arch, which bears the names of 72,000 men, all either fallen or missing here
  • Ypres – As with the Somme, there is much here to see at Ypres, including the Pool of Peace, a tranquil memorial created by the flooding of a massive mine crater, which has been a part of the landscape since the battle of Messines Ridge. If visiting in the evening, be sure to pay your respects at the poignant Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate

In 2018 we are not only running our long-established battlefields tour, The Great War, but another very special itinerary, Blackadder’s War with John Lloyd. For more information, or to book yourself a place, don’t hesitate to get in touch.