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19 Dec 2018
Our biggest-ever sale is on the horizon, so join us and journey back through the ages

Our biggest-ever sale is on the horizon, so join us and journey back through the ages

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What better way to head into the future than with a fuller understanding of the past? Now that the New Year is fast approaching, we are delighted to share with you our collection of 2019 tours. Some, you will already be familiar with. Others, however, are brand new. The team here at Historical Trips has been working hard over the past few months to create a range of itineraries that will leave lasting impressions on guests worldwide.

Military history is something that many of us have a connection to and with this in mind, we want to present our new tours to you. Follow the Dam Busters’ story in the company of Colonel Paul Beaver, mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day with a 5-day tour that centres around the largest seaborn invasion in history, or peek behind the iron curtain on our full-length, multi-city Spying Game tour.

Returning for 2019 is our 3-day Operation Dynamo: Dunkirk tour, which is joined by Joshua Levine, historical adviser on Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster ‘Dunkirk’. A veteran will also make an appearance on this tour, to share deeply personal experiences with the guests. Television art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon is set to lead our First Impressions tour in September, author Clare Mulley will take guests to sites immortalised by the brave Women of the SOE, and there is a new summer tour that delves into one of the most infamous tragedies of the 20th century – the Holocaust.

What’s more, our biggest-ever January sale is just around the corner, so if you want to treat yourself to a great holiday, there has never been a better time to book. Stay tuned for more details...