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06 Feb 2019
You don’t have to travel far to journey back to the past

You don’t have to travel far to journey back to the past

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Booking a holiday is something that should be an enjoyable experience and if you’re anything like us, you’ll love the excitement of sitting down with a cup of tea and travel brochure to plan your next adventure. 2019, however, has so far been a little different...

Anyone reading the news at the moment will be more than aware of the looming Brexit deadline, and despite many companies – us included – trying to reassure customers that foreign travel won’t be hugely impacted, many of us are choosing, instead, to remove any uncertainties by simply holidaying at home. Luckily for us, calling the UK home means that we have unlimited access to its stunning landscapes, incredibly rich history and vibrant culture.

It’s easy to overlook your home country as a must-visit destination, but when you look at what our magnificent British Isles have to offer, it’s not that hard to be persuaded...

So, why not walk in the footsteps of King Henry VIII, wander around the evocative remains of Whitby Abbey or trace the path of Richard III with us this year? You don't have to travel far to journey back to the past...

The Darts of Love

Delve into the stories of the lives and wives of King Henry VIII. Along with a private tour of the home of Sir Thomas Wyatt (Anne Boleyn's rumoured lover), you'll also take exclusive tours of the castles of Hever and Kimbolton, discover the Tower of London and visit the graves of some of the monarch's spouses. Join expert Elizabeth Norton in June for an exploration into this fascinating historical period. 

4th - 11th June | £1,995pp | Click here to book now

Medieval England with Andante Travels

Join expert and York local Ailsa Mainman for this journey through the medieval period among some of the UK’s most spectacular landscapes. From the legendary Whitby Abbey and the impressive ruins of Rievaulx Abbey, to the remains of a deserted village at Wharram Percy – leave no stone unturned on this 7-day tour.

17th - 23rd June | £2,005pp | Click here to book now

Richard III

Join the great debate about this monarch's character as you weigh up whether or not he was a hero or a villain in the expert company of Dr. Michael Jones. From the stunning interior of the legendary Westminster Abbey to the unforgettable Yorkshire Dales, this tour will shine a light on the man who was perhaps England's most controversial king. 

6th - 13th July | £1,995pp | Click here to book now

Study Days

If you’d rather explore this fair country on a smaller scale, why not treat yourself to a Study Day? Hosted by leading experts in history and current affairs, these day-long experiences offer you the chance to journey back to the past in immersive and unique ways.

Click here to browse our full range of Study Days now