Operation Dynamo: Dunkirk

  • Meet a veteran of Dunkirk and hear about the experience first hand
  • Follow the mission from the creation of the corridor to the dramatic rescue on the beaches
  • Enjoy lunch aboard the Princess Elizabeth, which was used in the rescue

Lauded as a miracle, it’s no surprise that the Dunkirk evacuation — codenamed Operation Dynamo — is still capturing our imaginations today, most recently in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Dunkirk. But the silver screen is no substitute for the real thing, as we’re sure to find on this exclusive tour of solemn memorials, bunkers-turned-museums, and the very dunes from where troops waited to be rescued. Join expert Guide Lecturer Paul Beaver and historian and author Joshua Levine for an educational and affecting look at one of the greatest tales of the Second World War.

Itinerary 2019

Day 1

We meet in London for our coach journey to Dover, where we make the ferry crossing to Calais in Club Class. Upon arrival mid-afternoon, we make our way to Dunkirk for the first glimpse of the beaches. Housed in a 19th century fort, the museum at Fort des Dunes tells the history of the site, including the Battle of Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo. After our tour here, we continue on to Cassel to check into our hotel and enjoy a lecture before dinner.

Hotel: Chatellerie de Schoebeque, Cassel
Meals: Lunch & dinner included

Day 2

From the outskirts of Arras we begin the morning with some context to the evacuation. Following the route of Frankforce Right Column, our Guide Lecturer explains the plan of attack of the Franco-British troops. At Rommel’s Hill, we learn about the British counter attack. Despite hundreds of German soldiers captured and tanks destroyed, the ‘Frankforce’ was forced to retreat, or risk encirclement. After lunch nearby, we return to Cassel and explore the town.

Hotel: Chatellerie de Schoebeque, Cassel
Meals: All meals included

Day 3

After check out this morning we head north to Wormhoudt, where the Waffen SS slaughtered scores of British Prisoners-of-War. We pay our respects at the site of the massacre and at the cemetery where many of the victims were buried, before continuing to the perimeter at Dunkirk where heroic troops held off their attackers during the final, vital week of the evacuation. We examine the docks, mole, and Bastion 28, and then enjoy lunch aboard the Princess Elizabeth. This paddle-steamer assisted in the rescue of the stranded soldiers, saving 1673 soldiers in four crossings. Now it remains in the Estacade quay, having been converted into a restaurant. After lunch we visit the Dunkirk Museum and Bray Dunes beaches before returning to Calais for our journey home. We arrive back in London this evening.

Meals: All meals included

What's Included

  1. Tour Manager & Guide Lecturer
  2. Meals - Most meals included
  3. Transport - Return ferry to France and all local travel
  4. Hand-picked hotels throughout the tour

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2019 Tour Details

  • 3 Days
  • 14th May - 16th May 2019
  • with Colonel Paul Beaver, Joshua Levine
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