Cecil Lewis, Sagittarius Rising & The Royal Flying Corps

Army Flying Museum, Middle Wallop

Cecil Lewis was a giant intellect in a generation of gallant, bright and amazing pilots. He had won the Military Cross and been mentioned in dispatches, twice, as well as destroying eight enemy aircraft before he was 20 years old. His autobiographical account of the First World War in the air, especially the Somme and the Home Defence against Zeppelins is a masterpiece. He later went on to found the BBC and win an Oscar for his screenplay of Pygmalion.

The study day is based at the newly-refurbished Army Flying Museum at Middle Wallop in Hampshire. Here we will study not only the works of Lewis, who wrote a dozen books about aviation, philosophy and travel but will be able to understand those magnificent men in their flying machines. The Museum’s artefacts include aircraft and memorabilia of the time.

We will also get privileged access to the First World War Sopwith Pup fighter aircraft


Paul Beaver is a distinguished aviation historian and has been appointed Cecil Lewis’ biographer. He was an army aviator for 27 years and flies vintage aeroplanes, so has a firm insight to the Royal Flying Corps.

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