The Darts of Love

The Lives and Wives of Henry VIII

  • Be treated to a private tour of the home of Sir Thomas Wyatt, rumoured lover of Anne Boleyn
  • Discover the Tower of London’s history, and visit the graves of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard
  • Exclusive tours of Hever Castle and Kimbolton Castle in Cambridgeshire

Everyone knows the popular rhyme: 'divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived’, which refers to the six wives of Henry VIII. The second Tudor king is rightly famous as  England’s most married monarch. The lives of the six women who had the misfortune to marry Henry VIII are less well known than their ultimate fates, but many of the sites most associated with the six wives survive. This tour tells the story of Henry’s unfortunate queens through the places most associated with them.


  • All InclusiveAll Inclusive

What's Included

  1. Tour Manager & Guide Lecturer
  2. Meals - Most meals included
  3. Transport - All local travel and return journey to London Victoria
  4. Hand-picked hotels throughout the tour

Hotel Info

7 nights in 4* Hotels in the U.K.

Expansion & Empires

The early Modern era is one of expanding empires and emerging identities. This new progressive age took cues from the Renaissance that preceded it - embracing individualism, secularism, and democracy. Change came at an unprecedented speed, reshaping Europe and all of the Empires it had acquired abroad. Join us as we explore the changes and transitions that helped the world move towards the modern life that we live today.

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