The Darts of Love

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Everyone knows the popular rhyme: ‘divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived’, which refers to the six wives of Henry VIII. The second Tudor king is rightly famous as England’s most married monarch, with one contemporary exclaiming, after the end of only his fourth marriage: ‘what a man is this king! How many wives will he have?’

The lives of the six women who had the misfortune to marry Henry VIII are less well known than their ultimate fates. The pious Catherine of Aragon, who arrived in England to marry Henry’s older brother, failed to bear a healthy son. She ended her life, discarded at Kimbolton Castle. Catherine was supplanted by the famous Anne Boleyn, who also failed to produce a male heir, and was beheaded in the Tower of London on trumped up charges of adultery. Jane Seymour, who had been a lady in waiting to both her predecessors, gave birth to a son at Hampton Court, but died only twelve days’ later.

Following Jane Seymour’s death, few wanted to venture into matrimony with Henry VIII. In December 1539, Anne of Cleves arrived to marry the king, but he took an instant dislike to her at their first meeting at Rochester Castle. His fifth marriage, to Catherine Howard, also ended on the executioner’s block, with the queen reputedly entertaining a lover during the court’s progress to Lincolnshire in the summer of 1541. Lastly, the twice widowed Catherine Parr married the king. This sixth queen, who was the first Englishwoman to publish a book under her own name, died only eighteen months after Henry at Sudeley Castle.

Many of the sites most associated with the six wives survive. This tour tells the story of Henry’s unfortunate queens through the places most associated with them.


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