Mirrors of the Unseen - A History of Iran

Neither East nor West: an off-the-beaten-track adventure…

  • Visit the ‘City of the Persians’, the incomparable ancient site of Persepolis
  • Explore Yazd, the Zoroastrian Desert City on the edge of one of Iran’s giant deserts
  • Discover the exquisitely-decorated Golestan Palace and get a taste of Qajar-era grandeur
  • Guaranteed departure
  • Your very own copy of Jason Elliot's Mirrors of the Unseen: Journeys in Iran

Iran is an incomparably exotic and fascinating destination, rich in historical and cultural treasures, and home to no fewer than 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Our tour includes a visit to Tehran — known for its magnificent museums, bustling bazaars, gigantic parks, and Golestan Palace. We visit traditional Persian gardens in Kashan; learn about a Safavid era ‘pleasure-house’; and discover unique architecture in Shiraz. Of course, no trip to Iran would be complete without a visit to the unforgettable Persepolis — the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire.

Iran is almost overflowing with monumental treasures — but thinking only in terms of ‘sights’ misses the real story. Discover a rare and timely portrait of Iran, alongside Jason Elliot, award-winning writer, New York Times best-seller, and author of ‘Journeys in Iran’. Jason will introduce us to the sublime architecture of Isfahan and urban contradictions of the capital, Tehran, and enable us to explore Iran’s immensely rich heritage of Persian and Islamic art.

The Persian Kingdom was one of the greatest powers of the ancient world — walk in the footsteps of the ‘Iranian Henry VIII’, Shah Abbas; the master poet, mystic, and spiritual guide Hafez, and many more. We’ll also discover the mysterious world of the Zoroastrians…

What's Included

  1. Expert Guide Lecturer
  2. Tour Manager
  3. Meals - All meals included
  4. Hotels - 12 nights in 4* hotels in Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz
  5. Flights - Return flights London to Shiraz; Tehran to London

Useful Reading

Main Recommendation: Mirrors of the Unseen – Jason Elliot

Other Recommendations:

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Apr 4

"Jason was a superb lecturer and absolutely charming on a one-to-one basis, he went to endless trouble to discuss and explain particular points of interest. His great erudition was leavened all the time with wonderful humour."

— Guest, Mirrors of the Unseen 2017
Apr 3

"I have been raving about Iran since my return, it genuinely was one of the best trips I have taken and doubtless several of my friends will be back to book through you!"

— Guest, Mirrors of the Unseen 2017
Apr 3

"This is possibly the best historical/cultural experience I have enjoyed in 20 years of touring the classical Mediterranean world and the Middle East. This was due to the personality and quality of presentations of Jason Elliott, the smooth organisation and management of tour logistics and the imaginative sequencing of the tour itinerary."

— Guest, Mirrors of the Unseen 2017

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