Moorish Spain

  • Spend time wandering around the beautiful Alcázar of Seville, with its rich Islamic artistic legacy
  • Discover the magnificent Alhambra palace and fortress complex
  • Enjoy a taste of authenticity with a traditional flamenco performance

For over 500 years, Moorish Spain – Al-Andalus – was the most culturally advanced corner of Europe, an engine-room of science, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, poetry, architecture and agriculture that outstripped anything comparable within Christendom at the time. German writers of the 10th century described Cordoba as ‘the ornament of the world’, so in awe were they of its sophistication.

While London was still a collection of mud huts by the Thames, Moorish cities enjoyed street-lighting and sanitation, and their inhabitants ate exotic foods such as artichokes, rice, spinach, oranges and saffron that were unknown north of the Pyrenees. Much of what we consider part of our own cultural identity – anything from superstitions about the number 13 to the higher mathematics that helped men to land on the moon – stems from Al-Andalus.

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  2. Meals - Most meals included
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  4. Hand-picked hotels throughout the tour

Shining light on the Dark Ages

The Medieval era was filled with breathtaking artistic achievement spurred on by tremendous religious faith. Alongside the beauty, life could be coarse and cruel; cut short by famine, disease or the religious zeal that spurred on wars that still echo today.

This era is one of the most intriguing yet misrepresented periods of history. Did people really think the world was flat? No, that enduring myth was created by a 19th-century American journalist. Were witches put on trial and burnt at the stake? Yes, but you’d have to wait for the refined Renaissance period to bear witness to that. Travel alongside an expert guide lecturer, and separate fact from fiction in this fascinating period.

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