Richard III

Hero or Villain?

  • Journey into the beautiful Yorkshire Dales in search of sites connected with a young Richard III
  • Admire the interior of the legendary Westminster Abbey
  • Take an all-encompassing tour of the Tower of London, discovering dark tales along the way

The dramatic discovery of the skeleton of Richard III – England’s most controversial King – beneath a Leicester council car park in 2012 was the most exciting archaeological find of the 21st century (so far!) and made news around the world.

This incredible find also reignited the great debate about Richard’s personal character: was he a murderer who slew his own nephews, the ‘little princes’, in the Tower of London, or an honourable man who did his duty in an age of unprecedented conflict and upheaval, known to us as the Wars of the Roses.

This wide-ranging tour of all the significant surviving sites linked with Richard takes in battlefields, castles, cathedrals and churches – culminating with a visit to the King’s striking new tomb, and a public debate on the burning question: Richard III – Hero or Villain?

This tour is part of our Medieval collection

What's Included

  1. Tour Manager & Guide Lecturer
  2. Meals - Most meals included
  3. Transport - Local travel and returning trains back to York if needed
  4. Hand-picked hotels throughout the tour

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