Brian Ayers

Brian Ayers

Brian Ayers is an expert in medieval archaeology, and is Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia. He was previously County Archaeologist for Norfolk, and oversaw archaeological work at Butrint, Albania. Brian is particularly interested in the origins and development of towns on both sides of the North Sea during the early medieval period, at a time when social change and immigration resulted in the foundation of large numbers of new settlements, many of which, like Brian’s home city of Norwich, have Scandinavian connections.

Brian’s recent publications include:

Ayers, B. 2013. Cities, Cogs and Commerce: Archaeological Approaches to the Material Culture of the North Sea World. In Bates, D. and Liddiard, R. (eds.), East Anglia and its North Sea World in the Middle Ages. Boydell and Brewer: Woodbridge, 63 - 81

Ayers, B. 2011. The growth of an urban landscape: recent research in early medieval Norwich. Early Medieval Europe 19: 62-90.

Ayers, B. 2009. Norwich: the Archaeology of a Fine City. Stroud: Tempus.