Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones
He gave us a lot of factual information, which made good sense of the sites we visited and also read from commentaries and the war poets when appropriate. He was also approachable, good humoured and felt like "one of us" throughout the tour.

Nigel Jones is a specialist in Twentieth-Century history and has written for a variety of national publications, including The Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, The Spectator and Literary Review. He was editor of both History Today and BBC History magazine.

Nigel has published seven non-fiction books, including The War Walk: A Journey Along the Western Front, inspired by the experiences of his father, a veteran of the Great War, Hitler's Heralds: The Story of the Freikorps 1918-1923, and Rupert Brooke: Life, Death and Myth, which was serialised in The Sunday Times.

He has featured in multiple documentaries for the BBC, including his own 2004 film, Journey to Hell, a biography of the poet Wilfred Owen.

Nigel is a co-founder of Historical Trips.