Shining light on the Dark Ages

The Medieval era was filled with breathtaking artistic achievement spurred on by tremendous religious faith. Alongside the beauty, life could be coarse and cruel; cut short by famine, disease or the religious zeal that spurred on wars that still echo today...

Our 2017 tours offer the perfect opportunity to explore the many facets of the Medieval world. Travel To The Ends of the Earth following the exact route through France and Spain taken by pilgrims. Discover the Devil’s Brood at the heart of the Plantagenets during our wine tour in France. Receive an introduction to El Cid, celebrated national hero and the protagonist of El Cantar de Mio Cid — the most significant medieval Spanish epic poem. Visit Umbria’s One Hundred Hills, former heartland of papal power, and home to scenic, unspoilt medieval towns...

This era is one of the most intriguing yet misrepresented periods of history. Did people really think the world was flat? No, that enduring myth was created by a 19th-century American journalist. Were witches put on trial and burnt at the stake? Yes, but you’d have to wait for the refined Renaissance period to bear witness to that. Travel alongside an expert guide lecturer, and separate fact from fiction in this fascinating period…

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