Expansion & Empires

The early Modern era is one of expanding empires and emerging identities. This new progressive age took cues from the Renaissance that preceded it - embracing individualism, secularism, and democracy. Change came at an unprecedented speed, reshaping Europe and all of the Empires it had acquired abroad.

From Renaissance to Revolution our tours examine all aspects of the Early Modern world. Uncover the best preserved colonial heritage of the former West Indian Empire, built by the Sugar Barons  in Barbados. Discover A Damned Serious Business in Belgium, as we travel back to June 18, 1815, and the conclusion of Napoleon’s reign as the French military leader at the Battle of Waterloo. Discover the rich political history of Vienna, the City of Dreams, from the Habsburgs through to the Cold War. Finally, explore the plantations and battlefields of Virginia, the historic heartland of the United States.

Join us as we explore the changes and transitions that helped the world move towards the modern life that we live today...

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